SRRHS Summer School Contact Information

Below you will find contact information for summer school teachers and our bus company. Please email or call the teacher directly to report any absences or if you have questions regarding summer school programming. If you have questions regarding busing, please contact our bus company at the number listed below. If your student is ill, please contact the teacher as well as our summer school nurse. 

Trisha Bemboom    320-258-1852

Brittany Benson    320-258-1860

Colin Botten    320-258-1652

Kayla DeBoer    320-258-1859

Terry Gorecki    320-258-1764

Aaron Johnson    320-258-1861

Cindy McMillan    320-258-1633

Mike Rogers    320-258-1861

Troy Thompson    320-258-1621

Taylor Winter    320-258-1851

School Nurse    320-258-1407

Bus Company    320-258-1995

Thank you.