FACS Instructor and Culinary Coach Featured in National Magazine

Sauk Rapids-Rice High School FACS Instructor and ProStart Culinary Coach Mary Levinski will be featured in the fall edition of the National Culinary Review magazine.

Levinski, a member of the American Culinary Federation-Minnesota chapter, was nominated by the organization for a unique experience. She was paired with another chef and the duo needed to create two versions of a dish: one traditional and one modern. They, along with their creations, would be featured in the national publication.

Levinski was responsible for creating the traditional half, but both she and her partner needed to agree on the dish. Levinski wanted to promote Minnesota foods. Her partner suggested that nothing was more Minnesotan than hotdish—and the tator tot rendition would be a fun challenge for them both.

Levinski enjoyed using her culinary creativity during the experience. “Not only did I have to think outside of the box for the dish, but I had to have all the traditional components of it included,” she says.

Recently, she traveled to a Twin Cities studio for a photo shoot to highlight the team’s work. “I learned a lot about food photography and what goes into making food photos magazine-ready at the photo shoot.”

A chef's rendition of tator tot hotdish

Levinski thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with her partner during the experience and is proud of their magazine feature.

“The chapter has so many professional and high-quality chefs. Only three members were chosen. I was really honored to have the opportunity to participate.”