Friendly Reminder, No Smoking on School Grounds

Friendly Reminder, No Smoking on School Grounds

We pride ourselves on upholding our mission of providing world-class education in a collaborative environment that inspires every learner to think, achieve and care. In order to fulfill that mission, we maintain a learning and working environment that is tobacco-free. 

As the weather has warmed up, we are able to open up our windows and be outdoors more. We please ask that you remember not to smoke while on school district property or at all off-campus events sponsored by the school district. This does include cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and chewing tobacco while in your vehicle during pick-up and drop-off times. All individuals on school premises shall adhere to this policy. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

More information on the 419 Policy: Tobacco-Free Environment can be viewed on the district's website here


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