Portrait of a Graduate

Prepared for the future. Developing skills and positive attributes.

The Sauk Rapids-Rice School District is committed to fostering students’ positive attributes. To meet this goal, the district has engaged in a process called The Portrait of a Graduate.                                    

Portrait of a Graduate identifies and articulates the community’s shared aspirations for students. Developed in 2019, the process has been used by many school districts as they consider what unique, meaningful and measurable learning objectives might look like to best serve students, now and in the future.

The school district gathered information from the community about what our students should know and be able to do upon graduation. These attributes cross all educational stages and grade levels, from early childhood through graduation and beyond. They are the attributes the learning community believes will benefit students most throughout life and are integral to graduates' ongoing success and contribution to the larger world.

During the Portrait of a Graduate process, the school district asked the community to consider:
    •    How is the world changing?
    •    How are workforce needs changing?
    •    How do we best prepare students to meaningfully compete and contribute in a twenty-first century world?

Early in the process, a series of district-sponsored community meetings produced a large profile of skills and attributes. These attributes were refined and, through the work of a smaller community task committee, this list was shortened through a systematic approach involving more research. The district's top attributes were condensed to six: diverse thinking, empathy, adaptability, responsibility, collaboration and communication.

The Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools’ unique Portrait of a Graduate will be implemented into school curriculum and assessment across all grade levels starting in the fall of 2021.

“My hope is that students from early childhood through grade 12 and beyond are provided support and opportunities to grow and develop in each of the identified attributes so as they graduate, they do so with the skills they need to be successful in our ever-changing world.”Director of Teaching and Learning Jenny Bushman


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